Ever wanted to own a polaroid camera? Do you really love the effects of a polaroid? Yes & yes to both questions. Now you can have both the camera and the effects for FREE! :)

is a polaroid image maker that turns your boring and uninteresting images to a lovely polaroid-ed images with ease. If you have not tried it yet, you better start trying and loving it. .....
This week, I will share with you what makes Poladroid, one of the must have post-processing image software on your desktop. So let's get started!

So... How does it work?

Once you've downloaded Poladroid onto your desktop, click on it and a polaroid camera will pop-up. Choose an image that you want to Poladroid and just drag-and-drop onto the camera. Your image will be process and this may take a while. Once processed, a polaroid film will appear. It may appear dark but don't worry! It acts like a real polaroid! You can then either leave the "polaroid film" as it is or shake it. I'm not sure but I think it will make the image appear faster if you shake it. Give it a try! :) A RED ribbon on the right bottom of the polaroid film will appear to indicate that your poladroid images have been saved. Try checking under "My Pictures" folder to see your image. :)

Is there a limit to it?

WARNING! There's a limit of 10 photos. But.. you can close the poladroid program and start the program again. It really does works like a real polaroid camera! :D

Umm... Is it free?

You bet yah. It's absolutely FREE. It's currently on BETA stage so grab it while it's hot. Who knows if they will charge for the full features in the future.

Oh... Can I see a sample of a "poladroid" image?


Yes. Here's an image of a cat I took by the stairs. With Poladroid, you can actually see the colours of the image similar to a real polaroid image.

Here's another image "poladroid-ed" by myself. I like the effect that Poladroid gives out. It's like this vintage-like photos, with all the colours very vintagy.


Here's another image of my friend. The effect can be used for potrait photos as well. Try it and you will definitely love it! :)

Alright! Where can I get this?

You can download Poladroid here -


That's for this week software review, I hope you will find Poladroid an interesting software to use for everyday photos. But I would honestly say that nothing beats the real thing! So if you are really into polaroid, get yourself a polaroid camera! But meanwhile keep "poladroid-ing" your photos! :D


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