On the 1st of October, I went for my very first photoshoot. I was invited by a friend of mine, Andy Razali. He has made a name for himself through make-up & hair styling for a lot of renowned magazines. And he invited me to his house for a photoshoot! He owns a blog, Andy & Weave - http://andyandweave.blogspot.com/ .....
I was very excited as it was my first experience shooting for someone. And that someone happens to be someone well-known. She made her name through alot of advertisements. One of them was even posted on buses. Now that is something! Her name is Sofia. You can visit her blog here - http://loveinyourarms.blogspot.com

Okay so honestly I was very nervous. Both of them are very professional and here I am trying to fit in. It was my first photoshoot so I hung my camera everywhere they go. I'm not sure what to expect so I almost snap throughout the process from make-up to hair styling and then to photoshoot. It was very enjoyable and I learnt a lot throughout.

The theme we are going for is - Roman Goddess. So we started with Sofia, sitting on a couch with Andy polishing her nails and getting her warm-up and ready for the make-up. Then we headed to his room where a lot of brushes line up and foundation powder all ready to be used. Once the make-up is done, we took Sofia to the mirror for hair styling. Her hair was all curled up before we knew it. Sofia even brought a curtain for her dress!? I didn't expect it but Voila! It really look good on her.

I felt Andy was very professional from the way he interact with the model and made the model feel comfortable at home. His style was very outstanding too. I actually learnt a thing or two about make up and hair styling. Lol. I was constantly curious on the different types of make-up used and the number of brushes for different purposes.

Sofia on the other hand, was professional in modelling. She was very beautiful and at that age I think she has a potential to be one of the top model in the future. As a first-timer, I did not know how to instruct Sofia to pose. She did the different poses without me even telling her. So naturally done!

As for me, I don't expect beautiful pictures from my first photoshoot but I was willing to learn. And through this photoshoot, I really did learnt alot. Thank you so much, Andy Razali for giving me this opportunity and Sofia for the great modelling poses! :)

I hope you all will enjoy my photoshoot! :D


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