On the 2nd of July, a team of four photographers planned on visiting someplace exciting for night photography. And we found the perfect place, "Gardens by the Bay". So Hakim, Amirr, Haziq and me prepared ourselves for the night ahead. .....
To get to Gardens by the Bay is really easy. It's located behind Marina Bay Sands, one of Singapore's iconic hotel. You can take the MRT and change at circle line (yellow line) to CE1 Bayfront station. When we reached the place, we were greeted by spectacular lighting from what looks like a humongous trees - like Christmas Tree.

There's an observatory deck on the way inside and we snapped for some time trying to get the shots we want before heading inside. And when you get inside, the atmosphere is just awesome. The trees was really beautiful, they are called, "Supertree Grove". There's a way to get to the bridge that links the trees together but we didn't try.

Overall, Gardens by the Bay is nothing that I've ever seen before. The place is really big and spacious. If you're the type that loves to walk, take your time to just relax and enjoy the scenery then this is definitely the place for you. Bring along your families, friends or even your photography buddy and you'll definitely have a relaxing time!

Who says Singapore doesn't have a lot of places to photograph? :) 


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