LANGE Jump Shot, Photo Credit: Weijie Cai

I've decided to be a part of NTU Photographic & Videographic Society (PVS) camp and it was AWESOME! The Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC) was held on 27th & 28th July 2012. We were all assigned a photo group and I was part of the group LANGE. I'm still uncertain what the word "LANGE" means but I guess it means "AWESOME". Haha. :)

The group was headed by 2 seniors: Weijie Cai & Ivan Lim. Both are very experienced photographer and have a lot to teach us. From silhouette shots to light painting, they both make excellent tutor and interesting couple. HAH. LANGE group on the other hand are made up of very enthusiastic and shutter-happy people ready to capture the moment.

Besides learning new tricks, the camp also encourages us to make new friends who share the same passion as us and learn from each other. The camp was great and the places and experience we had lift up to its theme, "UrbanNature".

This post consists of Day 1 plus Day 2 content of the camp photoshoot. Day 1 photoshoot begins at Jewel Box - Henderson Waves - Hort Park - Labrador Park. Ended the night at Labrador Park w amazing sunset shoot and night barbecue. Day 2 started out at he Singapore Zoo and made our way to Central Business District (CBD) area for fireworks night shoot.

I've enjoyed my time in this camp and in LANGE group. I hope to see familiar faces when school starts! Hope to see you guys! :)


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