Reached Raffles Place mrt at about 2200. Went out with my camera buddy, Keith. Took us roughly 30 mins to find our way to One Fullerton only to find out that the road had been blocked. With only about 1 and the half our to spare before the fireworks started, we decided to head to the Promontary. .....

I never suspected that it would be this crowded as we squeeze through all type of people just to find our way to the Promontary. We reached there roughly around 2250 and at 2300 we finally settled down at a spot facing the Marina Float.     That was all thanks to 2 ladies who was kind enough to let us use their spot for phototaking. Thank You! :)

    We quickly set up our tripod, got our camera ready, manual ready and not forgetting our food ready. Seriously. Food is the most important thing to have while you wait.

    Then at exactly 0000, BOOMZ, fireworks started lighting up the sky. People started crushing us into the corner. It was splendid at first as we got a pretty good view, but it got really annoying when thick smoke started covering the beauty of the fireworks.

I'm not sure if it was just our spot but it was rather disappointing to see the smoke covering most of the firework effects. But oh well, luckily it didn't rain. At least I managed to take my first fireworks photo. :)

Lesson learnt from this PhotoWalk:-

  1. Use a solid tripod.
  2. It's better to use a remote rather than timer to reduce shake.
  3. Got to recce for better spot to capture fireworks in action.

I had an enjoyable day yesterday and Thank You, Keith for accompanying me to shoot the fireworks! & A Happy New Year to everyone! :D

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