What a better way to spend your Chinese New Year than having it at Chinese Garden. It was once in a while where I managed to see the sun and thought it would be a great sunny day to take some photos at the Chinese Garden. Of course with approval from mom & dad that they are going to drive me there. hah! So we got out of our house at roughly 1630 and as we were about to reach Chinese Garden, it started to drizzle but luckily it was just a passing cloud. :) .....

My first impression of the Chinese Garden is, "Wow, what a scenic place." The place was pretty much wide open and it's free to enter. Chinese New Year decorations was up, well, maybe I came at the right time. With red flags flying everywhere, lanterns hanging on every possible edges and many foreigners enjoying the breeze. The Chinese Garden opening hours were from 0600 - 2300, so for those who have never visit this place, it's a great place to have a piece of mind. & if you're like me, it's an awesome place to play and improve your photography skills.

Capture from red flags, to lanterns, to bridges, to pagodas, to statues and much more! I did not have the luxury of time to take every possible things to take but in this PhotoWalk gallery, I'm going to show you some. I hope you enjoy the pictures! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to my fellow Chinese friends! :)


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