Had a wonderful and meaningful time yesterday, volunteering for a charity. The whole idea of donating to Japan, snap a picture, upload to Facebook or even get a 4R photo of yourself came from Clubsnap forum. The whole event started from 11am onwards. I was hesitating to join the charity at first but I wanted to help Japan for a cause. And if you're like me, I don't mind gaining some skills from taking portraits of people but most importantly, the donation to Japan. :) .....

So there I was, early in the morning at Far East Plaza, with strangers or what you called, "Clubsnappers". Soon enough, I found that they are a bunch of very friendly people with a lot of funny different personalities. I would call them special as they turned up to help out. It does not matter what role you play as long you turned up. It could be from, updating pictures to Facebook, soliciting donation to taking photographs. Each individual play a part in helping Japan.

Of course, you should also have some fun along the way. And you get to meet alot alot alot of people from all walks of life, donating. From kids to taxi driver to security guards to even the handicap. It was really a pleasant feeling to see that we, Singaporeans, actually care. There was even Japanese who donated and shook my hand, thanking me for volunteering. Somehow, the feeling leaves a sense of warmth in my heart. Honestly, I like it. :D

The event is going to be held throughout 3 weekends, with yesterday being the first day and today, as I'm typing this, the second day. You can visit the link below to go to the Facebook page:

Ganbatte Japan - Wishes from Singapore

And if you're willing to help out for the other days, you can. It does not matter if you are there for 1 or 2 hours. You can participate in the Clubsnap thread or you can update the work/roles googlesheet:

Clubsnap thread 1

Clubsnap thread 2

Update Googlesheet

Of course you should also register first to be a member. :)

Be a part of the volunteer team! And tot he people who are helping out and the sponsors, All the Best and Good Luck! I would definitely join again for the other weekends when I have the time. :D

P.S. Non-chan, if you're reading this, I would like to say that we're trying our best to help Japan. And I'm very sure that there are other people/places like Singapore that are trying their very best too. Ganbatte ne! :)

UPDATES: More volunteers turned up on 2nd April 2011, with some taking their time to dressed up in Stormtroopers costumes, family bringing exotic cats for photoshoots and Clubsnappers & friends to help out with the charity. The response was great! Keep it up! :)


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