Had a fantabulous time yesterday at the Kpop "Heal the World" Concert! It was my very first concert and it was with some of my favourite korean bands! Orange Caramel made a wonderful start and introduction that it made the audience pumped up. Followed by T-max (sorry no pictures), which I find the band very interesting. & After School was next that had me dancing on my chair. Mblaq (sorry no pictures) was next and they had a massive girl crowd that made their day. But save the best for last as T-ara made their first ever impression in Singapore! .....
The crowd was spectacular, the performers was gorgeous and outside-standing. You can see every one groove to the beat even if they don't know what song they are listening to. (or maybe that's just me?) All-in-all, the girls were here for mostly T-max & Mblaq, the guys well, Orange Caramel, After School & T-ara. that's the reason why I did not take pictures of the guy groups. Call me Sexist, but I don't care. haha. :)

You can see wacky personality from the performers such as Eun Jung being so seductive throughout the entire concert, Hyomin, well she doesn't talk much but she do know how to surprise audience when she lay down on the seats. And also some stripping by the male group. (Don't worry no female and it's only the shirt). Also I got a taste of Mblaq Fans' saliva which pour down like rain and some hearing malfunction due to their fans which was coincidentally seating at the back row of mine.

But nonetheless, I had one of the best seats & I would say I enjoyed my time to the fullest! It was an AWESOME concert and one that I would never have regretted watching! I must say THANK YOU Kenneth for asking me out to this concert! & also Chen Chong & Aaron for being there to enjoy the concert too! I hope they are going to organize another one soon, this time probably put 4minute in, or maybe KARA, or Rainbow & SNSD, T-ara, After School... Damn, my list can go on and on. Anyway, here are some of the pictures I managed to take. So you have an idea on how good my view was. Enjoy! :)


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