On the 14th April, a team of 4 photographers went on a short trip to Chinatown. It was drizzling when we reached there. We did not have a lot to take as streets were wet and people are hiding in shelters but we managed to grab some photos. Chinatown is filled with red lanterns, old-fashioned windows, chinese puppets, statues and a whole lot of chinese traditions. .....
We tried our best to capture the atmosphere of the streets but beware that most shop owners do not like their products to be photographed. So for the photographers, please kindly ask them first. We did that and we managed to snap their "chinese" products. :D

Nowadays, Chinatown is easily accessible through the MRT line. When you reached, you will feel the difference in the culture as if you were on another country. We tried to avoid the rain getting caught in our cameras and finish off our shots before heading down to Clarke Quay for a night shoot.

Clarke Quay is a perfect place if you want beautiful night shots as many shots have different neon coloured lights that looks beautiful when reflected on water. All in all, although we didn't managed to get a lot of photos, I'll definitely will miss the experience and enjoyed myself! :)

Will definitely visit Chinatown again when the weather is fine. Next time don't forget to check the weather forecast the day before! :)

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