On the first day of Chinese New Year, 23rd of January, we went to visit the streets of Haji Lane. My fingers have been waiting to press the shutter button for so long. So Shafiq, Hakim and me planned out another photowalk. This time it was Shafiq's idea to have it at the streets of Haji Lane. .....
I would say it's my first to shoot in the streets. They called it "street photography" and what a joy it was. Trying out street photography is an all new experience for me. And to start out in the streets of Haji Lane is a plus, exciting experience. Just a background info, Haji Lane is a place where visitors and young people frequent shophouses along the street. ( I got this in wikipedia but I edited them a bit. lol.)

It's the first day of Chinese New Year so the streets is like a ghost street. Most of the shops were closed making it a good opportunity for us to take pictures at our own time, own target. The street is filled with torn and unwanted posters, stickers, scribblings, graffiti and all those categorized as vandalism. But I would like to call it art. :)

So we started making our way down at around 1430, and it was starting to drizzle. But when we reached, we had a great time taking pictures for an hour and a half. We kept pushing our way down till the end of the street, we took anything and everything that we could snap. Afterwards, we had lunch and further our photowalk to the Esplanade before ending the day.

Pheewww, now let the pictures do the talking! Oh yeah, I edited the pictures to a retro-ish kinda look to give that Old Skool e
ffect. I think I like it! :)


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