Woke up at 6am. Reached Changi Beach at around 7am. Decided to go there and try to capture something with my new filter. Checked the weather forecast beforehand and it states shower at around 8am. I didn't believe. How dumb of me. .....

Luckily I brought an umbrella. :) I bought myself a Hoya NDX400 filter and I was hoping that I had a chance to use it during the weekends. So today was my chance. I drag myself from bed and ended up at beach. At first I thought, "What the hell am I doing here?".

I was hoping that I could capture some nice misty waves crashing on some rocks captured with long exposure to create a pretty neat effect with Black & White. It was my first time doing it and I must say it is really tough when dealing with waves crashing on the rocks and even at you.

And to make matters worst, I ignored the weather forecast. Soon enough, it started drizzling but luckily I was close to a shelter. I waited til the rain stopped and continued my thirst for that type of photos. Once I was satisfied, I went around taking pictures with my 50mm F1.8.

Overall for today, lesson learnt.

  1. Always or try to follow the weather forecast.
  2. If not, bring an umbrella.
  3. Take note of shelters in case of rain.

I wished I could have improved my pictures with less shaky tripod. Probably will be better with a remote controller and I really want to try the B&W filter.

Today has been a lethargic day, but I'm happy that I actually dragged myself to the beach. :D

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